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Young Toddler classroom


Young Toddler Program

Age: 15 – 24 Months

Welcome to the Young Toddler Classroom at Yal-Day-New Day Care Center, Inc. Here, we explore through trial-and-error, imitate sounds and simple actions, explore with our senses, learn songs and rhymes, and are constantly on the go!

 Our goal is to provide a caring, relaxing and secure environment for your child.

We want our classroom to be an extension of your family. You are your child’s first teacher. We look forward to a mutual sharing and learning experience so we can provide the best care and education for your child.

Toddler exploring and playingWe hope to broaden your child’s experiences by providing enriching play opportunities that teach your child while providing familiar experiences they can master in all areas of development: cognitive, emotional, expressive language, motor and social.

In the early months and years, infants experience their surroundings by using their senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling), by moving around the room and through playing with others. For non-mobile children, objects are brought to them for observation. Songs are sung to them while they are rocked or walked around their surroundings. However, once mobile, children can move to play with objects and show interest in things and others. A positive and warm environment coupled with trusting adults leads to a secure and confident experience for both children and parents. With this kind of affection, children will begin to build a healthy self-esteem and are able to learn. Imitation, repeated play and actions with toys or materials, songs and plenty of literature available to your child is the Young Toddler teachers’ main focus in the beginning of the year.

childrens books

In the beginning of the year, activities in the classroom are initially kept simple as children adjust to a new and consistent daily schedule. Children are exposed to many different sights, sounds, and textures. A creative and positive environment is the Young Toddler teachers’ top priority. The children are exposed to numbers, letters, colors and concepts in an age-appropriate manner. Each day we sing, count and look at numbers, look at the alphabet, consider the weather, learn colors, shapes and some forms of conceptual learning (in/out, off/on, up/down, etc.)

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As Toddlers Approach 24 months

Older ToddlerAs our toddlers develop and approach 24 months, the philosophy and emphasis is first and foremost the encouragement of positive self concepts. This includes the encouragement of creativity (through free play, including blocks and dramatic play, free art, including easel time, play-dough, finger painting, etc.), altruism (modeling their peers as well as their teachers), language development (through songs, literature, books on tape, listening, sharing, one-to-one experiences with peers as well as with their teachers), pro-social behavior (by emphasizing communication and sharing feelings, cooperation and tolerance of others) , and self-esteem (physical contact, eye contact, confidence, self worth, pride in accomplishments through free play, art and projects, etc.).

The basis of what the children do, how they learn and what they learn, is through play.

recognizing shapes and colors

Play is children’s work and is the most significant way in which children learn. Through play, the Young Toddlers will:

  • Discover self
  • Learn to cope with new situations
  • Learn to get along with others
  • Explore and experiment
  • Learn to focus attention
  • Develop concepts
  • Test ideas
  • Learn about the world
  • Learn about society’s expectations

The Young Toddlers will begin to recognize sizes, colors, shapes and his/her name. They will also be able to take directions, focus attention, develop listening skills, and work with a variety of supplies.


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