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Preschool Program

Age: 3 — 5 Years of Age

Welcome to the Preschool classroom! We carefully plan our curriculum to reflect the changing developmental stages of the children. We realize that a child’s needs expand and progress as they grow, and we make certain these needs are met and maintain knowledge on the early childhood trends to implement.

Our curriculum is design to:

  • Provide sound developmentally appropriate methods for the all important separation process. Promote each child’s emotional, social and cognitive growth.
  • Provide readiness-building skills for future learning.
  • Integrate Jewish values and experiences throughout the program
  • Provide a safe, and confident learning environment

In the Preschool classroom, we emphasize social development and an introduction to all Jewish holiday celebrations and Shabbat. Group time exposes the children to songs, felt-board stories, rhythm and movement as part of a group. The appropriate steps in social development will be supported, and all of the Jewish holidays, along with some American holidays, will be celebrated during the course of the year using music, stories, art activities, rhythm and movement.

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Separation and transition is carefully planned so that it can be implemented in the best possible manner for each individual child. The Preschool classroom curriculum has a focus on the mixed age group’s age-appropriate development. There are developmental checkpoints and milestones that are observed and encouraged prior to completing their first year in the Preschool program, and prior to completing their second year in the Preschool program: During the month of August, we provide a “Kindergarten Readiness” program to confirm the skills they have acquired throughout the two-year Preschool program, such as writing their names, numbers 1-20, English & Hebrew alphabet, etc. The goal is that each child has mastered these skills to successfully transition into a Kindergarten program.

We provide a well balanced curriculum, which blends social, cognitive, creative, math gamestructured, individual and group activities. These are all integrated with an emphasis on problem solving as a means to social competency. Early literacy and pre-math skills are incorporated into the curriculum through play and small group activities.

We promote and encourage a bilingual environment, while maintaining the Hebrew and English languages primarily.

Children are exposed to both languages through song, stories, books, and by teaching both alphabets throughout the school year. Due to our curriculum encouraging language and appreciation for each other’s first language, we respect and acknowledge other languages that are spoken in each child’s family atmosphere.

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