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Old toddler learning


Older Toddler Program

Age: 2 — 2.9 Years of Age

Welcome to the Older Toddler Classroom at Yal-Day-New Day Care Center, Inc. Our Older Toddler program uses hands-on exploration and social interaction in safe, engaging surroundings to help your two year old learn about his or her expanding world.

Through the guidance of our early childhood development professionals, our older toddler students enjoy learning experiences that promote their blossoming independence and social skills, and foster self-confidence. As the older toddlers prepare for the preschool classroom experience, we encourage and support potty training in correlation with your family’s needs. As your child begins to express interest, with a partnership with your family, we will include this in your child’s routine at Yal-Day-New.

potty time

Yal-Day-New’s curriculum is progressive, so the Older Toddler program promotes the Young Toddler curriculum with extended vocabulary, individual exploration, introducing calendar time in addition to circle time, and supporting comprehension of both Hebrew and English languages.

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The following areas of the Older Toddler program will enrich your child’s emotional, physical, social and intellectual development, in preparation for Preschool:

  • LanguageWe model language and engage toddlers in rich conversations. Language is starting to blossom as toddlers expand their vocabulary from single into multiple-word phrases. By providing a language-rich environment, your toddler will learn how to share and communication with peers; how to express themselves verbally (feelings/communication); how to use two-step and three-step directions; how to verbally explore through art, games, play, etc.
  • ExplorationWe promote weekly curriculum themes for in-depth exploration. We explore themes through math, science, art, and play. Toddler PlayingWe encourage matching, counting, sorting, etc. to master basic shapes, colors, and numbers. The calendar and circle time is repetitive in teaching the days of the week, names of the season, months of the year, and weather patterns.
  • Problem Solving SkillsWe lay the foundation for your toddler to develop logical thinking practices, creativity and problem solving skills. We begin to encourage students to embrace areas out of their comfort zone, and challenge them age-appropriately through cause and effect. As your toddler begins to explore and step outside their own boundaries, we explain and promote reason to following simple safety rules, practicing trial and error through building blocks, puzzles, water play (sink or float). The goal is to establish, “Why, What, How” questions and to collaborate on answers in a scientific approach. These practices will lay the foundation for your child’s cognitive development.
  • Hebrew and Shabbat PracticesWe help toddlers explore the beauties of the Judaic religion. We promote conversation and exploration of the Jewish values and holidays throughout the school year. Through use of Hebrew and English books, Shabbat practices, the Hebrew language, and learning about the Israeli culture, we educate our toddlers on a meaningful connection to the Jewish culture in all facets of our toddler program.
  • Motor DevelopmentWe encourage gross and fine motor development. Through practicing small muscles skills like drawing, coloring, pasting, etc. your toddler will achieve fine motor awareness. Student raising hands on airWe encourage our students to begin to button and unbutton their sweaters/jackets, practice proper hygiene such as teeth brushing, placing their lunchbox independently in the refrigerator, which all correlates to independence and fine motor development. We love taking neighborhood walks and playing outdoors to get fresh air and exercise! Climbing the slides and play structures, riding tricycles, lifting the parachute up high and down low promotes gross motor milestones as your toddler grows!
  • IndependenceWe encourage toddlers to embrace independence. We provide opportunities for our toddlers to embrace concepts of acceptance, diversity, and personal responsibility. We teach and guide through modeling how to share with peers, become a participant in group activities, develop a positive self-concept, and socialize through play.Our Older Toddler program ensures safety as its first priority. In promoting a safe classroom environment, our toddlers will become independent through play, curiosity, and exploration. With social interactions, physical education, cognitive and language development, and learning life skills, your toddler will be ready for Preschool at the end of the school year!

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