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Infant Program

Age: 2 – 15 Months

The Infant program at Yal-Day-New provides a warm, nurturing environment where your baby can grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity! Yal-Day-New promotes an individualized schedule to meet the needs of your baby in a soothing, welcoming classroom environment. Your baby’s qualified child development professionals will focus on creating experiences and opportunities that invite exploration and support the rapid and important development that is occurring in a child’s first year.

Yal-Day-New supports socialization among your child’s peers to achieve the first milestones in a child’s life! We promote socialized eating habits among the classroom environment. Through quarterly observations, we will provide your family with supportive documentation to promote consistency and communication regarding your baby’s development. We encourage families to provide your baby’s individualized routine, including feeding, nap time, and diaper changes to assimilate in the classroom setting. At the conclusion of your baby’s day at Yal-Day-New, a detailed daily schedule will be provided for all feedings, diapers changes, nap times, etc. to support direct parent/teacher communication.

We lay the foundation for your infant to develop trusting relationships.

NPatriquin_YDN2-3We respond to your baby with sensitivity and attention, facial expressions, and eye contact to communicate and nurture. We encourage the use of family photos to promote self-expression and provide continuity with your child’s home.

We help infants improve mobility and coordination. We support your baby as he or she rolls from side-to-side and learns to crawl (tummy time), stand, and walk. We support the development of motor skills with blocks and shape boards; and meet your child’s individual needs for rest and nutrition. Yoga is scheduled weekly and enriches your baby’s strength, flexibility, and mobility as they grow.

We encourage infants to express individuality.

We provide paint, crayons, and other tools that promote artistic exploration and creativity; support imaginative play with photo cards and puppets; and encourage self-expression through movement and music.


Through exploration and play, your little one will use curiosity in the classroom setting to achieve their first developmental milestones. Yal-Day-New will broaden your baby’s experience by providing enriching play opportunities that teach your child to master in all areas of their development: cognitive, emotional, expressive language, motor and social. Warm and nurturing interactions with teachers, days spent exploring and socializing among their peers, individualized attention and experiences, and meaningful partnerships with parents are the cornerstones of our infancy program at Yal-Day-New Day Care Center, Inc.


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