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Patience and praise from teachers and family are essential towards achieving this process

Toilet Training

At Yal-Day-New, we embrace toilet training and work as a team with our family and student, when they have showed signs of interest and readiness to use the potty and leave diapers behind! Successfully learning to use the potty is a major accomplishment for young children, and patience and praise from the teachers and family is an extremely important component to their emotional and physical development towards achieving this milestone.

Each child will individually provide signals as to when he or she is ready to make that leap

Good communication, appropriate expectations, and a consistent plan on the part of the parents and teachers make it easier to support this process and lead to the most effective route to success for toilet training.

books recommendedWe recommend literature on toilet training to support and encourage this accomplishment both at home and at school:

  • Duck Goes Potty by Michael Dahl – ISBN 978-1404857261
  • Diapers Are Not Forever by Elizabeth Verdick – ISBN 978-1575422961
  • Boys’ Potty Time by Dawn Sirett – ISBN 978-0756658847
  • Girls’ Potty Time by Dawn Sirett – ISBN 978-0756658854


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