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Shabbat class


Jewish values reflect our school’s identity

Shabbat and Jewish Studies

We take great pride at Yal-Day-New to be guided by Jewish values and culture. We celebrate Jewish holidays with our students and families throughout the year. Jewish values reflect our school’s identity and provide a framework for the education that we teach our students and for the kind of relationships we strive to create.

Students celebrate Rosh HashanahWe support and teach the Israeli culture in a bilingual Hebrew and English setting. Each classroom has at least one Hebrew-speaking teacher, as most students are fluent in both languages. Teachers read books in both Hebrew and English during circle time, Preschool students learn both the English Alphabet and the Hebrew Alef-bet, and celebrate the Jewish holidays year-round. For Rosh Hashanah, students dip apples in honey, learning the importance of a sweet, new year. For Hanukkah, we celebrate in the evening with families and friends of Yal-Day-New as a community. For Purim, students wear costumes to school, as we enjoy hamantaschens baked from a cooking project and a magic show with families!

To celebrate Israel’s Independence Day (Yom Ha’atzmaut), students and teachers wear blue and white colors to school. We participate in Israeli Dancing as a community, and enjoy a delicious, authentic lunch inspired by Israel’s culture.

We celebrate Shabbat every Friday with a classroom celebration. We bake challah and drink sweet wine (kosher grape juice) while teaching the blessings and songs associated with Shabbat.

Drinking sweet wine

We believe that Shabbat symbolizes a time of peace, harmony, and relaxation that we discuss during our weekly celebration. We incorporate music to enhance our students’ appreciation for Shabbat.

books recommendedWe recommend literature to enhance a child’s learning experience on Jewish Studies:

  • We Can Do Mitzvos from Aleph to Tav by Yael Zoldan – ISBN 978-1598263954
  • The Story of Shabbat by Molly Cone – ISBN 978-0060279448
  •  Sammy Spider’s First Shabbat by Sylvia A. Rouss – ISBN 978-1580130066
  • It’s Challah Time by Latifa Berry Kropf – ISBN 978-1580130363
  • My Shabbos 1, 2, 3’s by Surie Fettman – ISBN 978-0922613618
  • Happy Birthday, World by Latifa Berry Kropf – ISBN 978-0929371320
  • Hanukkah by June Behrens – ISBN 978-0516423869
  • A Costume for Noah by Sally Springer – ISBN 978-0929371900
  • Zvuvi’s Israel by Tami Lehman-Wilzig – ISBN 978-0822587606
  • ABC Israel by Rachel Raz – ISBN 978-1467708579
  • Ella’s Trip to Israel by Vivian Newman – ISBN 978-0761360292


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