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Science at Yal Day


Science begins with a child’s curiosity, which leads to discovery and exploration

Inside Our Science Program

Books about science

A child’s innate curiosity leads to discovery and exploration with the teachers’ help and encouragement. Science is incorporated into many, if not all, activities our students participate in daily. At an early age, children ask many questions. We facilitate, encourage, and create dialogue and experiences to enhance science in the classroom.

On a daily basis, teachers encourage conversation during circle time about the weather and seasonal changes. We provide a water table for students to experiment with objects to see what sinks or floats. We discuss parts of the body and explore the importance of a child’s five senses. We provide opportunities for our students to just explore, play, ask questions, and discover – that’s science!

Students love to explore outdoors, where science is all around us!

Whether toddlers are blowing bubbles, playing in the sand box, planting in the spring season, going for a nature walk and discussing the sounds and sights…a child is learning how the world works.

Learning outside

Hands-On Art Classes

Teachers support hands-on curriculum in the classroom, such as exploring and learning with magnifying glasses, using magnets to learn whether they will repel or attract, learning the difference between liquid and solid materials, etc.

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We believe our students are little experimenters and curious about the world around them! We encourage and support a head-start in learning about science, and providing this foundation for your child at Yal-Day-New.


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