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Curriculum Overview

We promote communication between parents and teachers

The curriculum at Yal-Day-New is based upon weekly units that range from Jewish and American holidays, the seasons of the year, shapes, colors, numbers, alphabet, alef-bet, etc.

Throughout our weekly units, we incorporate daily art projects, stories, and music to enhance our students’ educational experience. Yal-Day-New promotes communication between parents and teachers by utilizing a Daily Sheet in each classroom. The Daily Sheet informs parents of the art projects, books read, stories told, outdoor activities, enrichment programs, etc. participated in each day.

There is a fluent, Hebrew-speaking teacher in each classroom, as most of our students speak fluently in both English and Hebrew. Yal-Day-New provides healthy snacks each morning and afternoon. Students’ lunches are provided by one’s family.

We maintain a kosher dairy facility.


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