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Math Class


Math is one essential building block to critical thinking

Inside Our Math Classroom

Our math curriculum begins with infancy and develops through to preschool. Math is the building blocks for a child to critically think, reason, problem solve, and understand cause and effect. Math is in a child’s daily routine, such as talking about time, reading a story that involves counting, learning patterns, playing sorting and matching games from an early age.

Shapes and math classOur infants use stacking cups to arrange by size, toddlers’ height is measured and documented as they grow throughout the year, and preschool students mix and measure to make play-dough. Counting, measuring, problem solving, reasoning, and identifying shapes and patterns are the activities of math. Teachers encourage students to measure sand in the sand table, build blocks, count their steps to and from the bathroom, and use vocabulary such as “more/less, under/over, inside/outside, full/empty” throughout the daily routine.

Beyond exposing our students to math, fostering a healthy attitude about learning and experiencing math is essential

Child readingOur philosophy is that a math attitude includes observing math as fun and interesting, and believing that math is something that every child can do. When one of our students’ notices that mittens make a pair, observes the similar shape of stop signs on an outdoor walk, or delights in counting animal crackers during snack time, they are doing math, but also showing a healthy attitude towards learning math. At Yal-Day-New, teachers provide opportunities to learn math through play and everyday interactions, which creates the foundation for math development.



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