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Your child’s health and safety is our top priority

Health and Physical Development

We focus on the physical health and well-being of your child as they grow at Yal-Day-New. Motor-skill development, coordination, mobility, and exercise all help ensure your growing child has a healthy body for a lifetime.

Most young children are extremely physical and delighted when they have the opportunity to explore the world with their bodies. In the Infant classroom, we encourage crawling, standing, and walking as each child builds confidence to reach these developmental milestones. Teachers encourage basic body management skills, spatial awareness, and body part identification through structured and unstructured experiences.

Playing outside

Our students engage in outdoor play in our private playground. They enjoy bike riding, climbing and sliding on the play structures, obstacle courses, and running with their friends. Teachers play movement games, such as Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, Simon Says, Beanbag Toss, Soccer, Hide and Go Seek, etc.

At Yal-Day-New, we explore the neighborhood, where we have a “Neighborhood Checklist” of items that we look for and document during our walk, such as a train, bird, bicycle, stop sign, etc.

We find ways to be active, and encourage age-appropriate activities to increase a child’s mobility and confidence.

One of our enrichment programs, Imagination Runs Wild, is a creative body movement class that our students engage in weekly. Jenn Harrington, a movement specialist, encourages students to engage in dance, gymnastics, and build confidence, strength, and hand-eye coordination in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Healthy playing

My First Yoga, another enrichment program we provide weekly, challenges our students physically and creatively to inspire character growth. Students build strength and balance, gain flexibility, and master poses with yoga instructor, Jill Davies.

Yal-Day-New provides a monthly snack calendar, which incorporates healthy options, such as fruit and vegetables.

Teachers encourage healthy eating habits, as we believe they begin at an early age. We record each student’s growth in their classroom throughout the school year to support awareness on the changes one’s body is experiencing as they grow!


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