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Why Choose Yal-Day-New

Your child’s health and safety is our top priority. Yal-Day-New’s goal is to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for our students.


Yal-Day-New provides a warm, comfortable, secure Jewish setting that is child-orientated. The curriculum is age appropriate with the understanding that the individual rate of growth for each child differs. Our classrooms are arranged with centers that offer numerous choices and selections for exploration. We encourage young children to become independent, to respect themselves and others, and to develop a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Convenient to Public Transportation
  • Warm, Nurturing Teachers
  • Private Backyard Playground
  • Early Drop-Off Option at 7:30am
  • Year-Round Program, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm
  • Favorable Student: Teacher Ratios
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Field Trips & Community Events
  • Bilingual Hebrew & English Immersion
  • Longest Running Infant Program
  • Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence in Early Education


Yal-Day-New is a kosher-dairy facility and at the center incorporates Jewish culture into all facets of the school. We teach the Hebrew alphabet alongside the English one, celebrate Jewish festivals, draw themed pictures in art classes, and take the children on specialized field trips that coincide with holidays to make them more tangible and understandable for the children. The staff at Yal-Day-New work as a team in both the planning and implementation of the curriculum. We act as facilitators of the learning and socialization process, encouraging children to solve their own problems and achieving accomplishments for themselves in ways that promote self-confidence.

LEARN MORE: Overview of Our Curriculum

Parents are the primary educators in their children’s lives and we seek to build on and collaborate in this relationship. We encourage parent involvement as we pride ourselves as a warm community at Yal-Day-New.

Mission Statement

The mission at Yal-Day-New is to provide the upmost care and Jewish early education for our students ranging from Infant through Preschool in a bilingual Hebrew and English environment.

Your child’s health and safety is our top priority. Yal-Day-New’s goal is to provide a safe, loving, and nurturing environment for our students.

What Parents Say About Us

About Our Staff

quote   We have been thrilled with the programs, the socialization, and the community the school has provided for our 3 children over the past 8 years. But more than anything else, we feel our children are loved and nurtured by the caring staff. Each year, all of our children have been surrounded by loving, warm, dedicated teachers. I never feel worried about leaving them for the day knowing the kind and special caregivers at Yal-Day-New provide such a safe, warm atmosphere for their growth and development.”  – Yael S.

About the School

quote   Yal-Day-New was the perfect preschool for our twin daughters. As our daughters have started Kindergarten, we have seen exactly how well the reading, numbers, and Jewish instruction they received at Yal-Day-New prepared them for their new challenges.” – Michael and Nomi B.

About Lindsay Harvey – Director

quoteWe appreciate all that Lindsay does at Yal-Day-New. She works so hard to run the most comfortable, fun, loving daycare around. I’m so glad our son is warming to everyone, and that Lindsay spends time with him during her very busy days. We appreciate every craft, card and thoughtful element of being part of the Yal-Day-New family.” – Eran & Karen S.

Why Jewish Early Education is Important to my Family

quoteSending my daughter to a Jewish Early Childhood Education program is important because it reinforces the values throughout the day that I am teaching her at home. As we go into each Jewish holiday she has already learned about it and celebrating it at home isn’t a surprise. She gets to hear Hebrew throughout the day which reinforces language that she hears at home. It’s important to me because Judaism is important to me.” – Sarah F.


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